Student Story:

Koketso Mogomotsi

course information

Marketing and Customer Service Management

Year graduated

Class of 2020

What was your study experience like?

My academic journey was challenging because I was also working full-time.

I had a very tight schedule with limited time and had to find a way to maneuver through school and work. As one would imagine throughout this journey. There were quite several sleepless nights, late nights, and exceedingly early mornings.

I enrolled as a part-time student at The Academy of York in the year 2020, pursuing a qualification in Marketing and Customer Service Management.

This was a very tough year, as there were a lot of personal things that happened that also hindered my studies. However, with the help of the fanatical student team, who was very patient and helpful. I was able to get an extension on my assignments and I finished in record time.

What have you learnt?

My academic journey with The Academy of York has taught me that whatever happens in life, there will always be light at the end of the tunnel.

What does success look like to you?

Today, I can say that I am a graduate and officially carry a qualification in Marketing and Customer Service Management

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